Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

I have to admit that my kitchen gets a real workout.  Every day, the kitchen in my Park Hill home seems to get a little older.  I’m pretty sure it’s aging faster than the rest of the house.  Even on days when I’m not cooking, the kitchen is still the command center for the house.  It’s where the mail gets sorted.  It’s where my cellphone gets recharged, next to where my wallet and car keys sit.  My wife’s purse has it’s own spot.  It’s place where you put the stuff you don’t want to forget to take with you when you leave.  I wish I had about twice as much counter space.  Of course, if I had twice as much counter space I have twice as much stuff to fill it up.  I found this to be true when I built a 1000 sq, foot garage in my backyard.  There should be no way to fill up a 1000 sq. foot garage… but somehow I found enough stuff to fill my garage.  

Houzz recently put out a list of kitchen remodeling ideas that don’t require a full blown, down to the studs redeux of the kitchen.  The pictures are great, although my kitchen will never look like any of them.  Where are the 5 day old bananas and cell phone charger?


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