Honey, You Need to Mow the Driveway!

It seems like every house should have something that amps up it’s cool factor.  If you have big bucks, there are things like in-ground pools, sunken living rooms, vaulted ceilings and home theatres that might raise your cool factor.  If you have a more moderate budget, the cool factor might need to be redefined.  You might have to settle for an aluminum Christmas tree or a high tech refrigerator, but that can be cool.

One thing that always ratchets up the cool quotient is a rockin driveway.  Back when the Parade of Homes only featured a dozen or so super houses, it seemed like there was always one that had a neat driveway.  The ones that had some combination of grass growing out of the cement always got lots of attention.  Hey, if you can get grass to grow out of your driveway (intentionally) you’re cool.

You can see some pretty great driveways in this article originally posted on Houzz.  The one thing about these organic driveways, you gotta mow them.  Isn’t it bad enough I have to mow the grass?  I’m not sure I want to mow my driveway.


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