Sheds Add More Than Storage

One of my mountain listings was a neat old cabin that sits right on the edge of Mill Creek, not far from Idaho Springs.  It was great place, but with only two bedrooms, it was a bit short on space.  Her solution was to add a large shed as part of a carport.

At first glance when you opened it up, you expected it to be filled with mountain necessities like a snow blower, chainsaws, and shovels.  Surprisingly, it was, as she called it, “a party room.”

Instead of being strictly utilitarian, it was adorned with bright colored fabrics, Xmas lights, and a large Persian rug.  It was a pretty good sized shed, about 12×14 feet, about the size of a small bedroom. So there was room to “party.”

For a small home, the shed added some great space for not a lot of money.  Sheds that sized usually run less than $2000, depending on what you use for a pad. A concrete pad is always nice, but pressure treated wood skids or small concrete blocks can do a good job of keeping the shed floor above the soil and preventing quick deterioration. Insulation and a small heater can keeps thing warm.  A large window or skylight can do wonders for keeping the space bright and sunny.

Here’s a great article that sheds a little light on new ways to use your shed.


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